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"Hi, My Name is Nevan!" Lessons in Mindfulness from an Un-Horse. Simple illustrated book perfect for both equestrians and Mindfulness practitioners. Proceeds from the sale of this book go to a fund to support veterinary and animal aid for Burma. The book may be ordered online here, or is available on
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"I can't wait to go home and check out my saddle on my horse! Now I'll know what to look for!" - in the online forums

"I didn't really understand how acupuncture could work on a horse - now I get it." - Lesley R., California

Hello Dr Joanna,
Firstly, thanks for your book and DVD, excellent, so helpful and well written, love it! I will be giving them to friends for birthday presents all year!  Kirsty, Australia.

LOVE IT! - Lori D. Michigan.

Sept 15, 2016
Dear friends,
It is time to update the information in the DVD. While I feel that it has helped an incredible number of people around the world, new research is available, semantics and language have changed, saddlefit information has updated, and it's time for a revamp after a number of years in distribution. Copies of the original DVD are still available and full of useful info!, and work on new information will not begin until 2017, but as a professional dedicated to providing the latest in equine health information, it's time to put a new look to the RHP DVD. Thank you for all of your support!!! Sincerely, Dr. Robson
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