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  The online horse forums are jammed with people asking the same questions about their horses' health.  There is no other resource on the market for horse people that contains as much information on understanding horses in pain, anatomy of saddle-fitting, and integrative medicine as this Book and DVD. The 90+ minute DVD is artistically crafted with actual cases, full demonstrations, and heart-felt teaching. The 140 page, full color book is jammed with photographs and additional topics and resources. Both projects are the culmination of years of work, and are dedicated to helping horse people from all walks to improve their horse's well-being.  I hope you will join me in the passionate pursuit of eliminating equine pain to maximize performance.
---Joanna Robson, DVM
From Linda Cowles, CA:
Hi folks,
As a hoofcare provider, one of my frustrations is seeing discomfort in horses and not having all of the answers… some of the problems I struggle with are directly a result of hoof pathology, but often the root is  elsewhere and manifests itself as a hoof pathology. If a horse isn’t tracking straight, favors one limb, seems tender or stumbles, it’s natural to look at feet for answers.

I watched Dr Joanna Robson’s “Recognizing The Horse In Pain”  DVD  last night, and am very  impressed with how much material she covers, clearly and crisply.  I watched it once, then restarted it to watch it a second time…. I read her book cover to cover…  Very, very good information.   Great information!

Dr Joanna Robson’s created a one-of-a-kind video with a compelling message that explains what our horses are trying to communicate when they buck, snap, stumble, pin their ears. Dr Robson owns Inspiritus Equine in Napa CA.   Joanna has worked on quite a few of my clients, incorporating traditional and holistic medicine, Chinese medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture and saddle fitting. We’ve not met personally, but we’ve talked, my clients have raved about her, and I’ve seen remarkable changes in the horses she’s worked on. 

It’s a DVD I’ll watch repeatedly and recommend highly.

Joanna covers movement analysis, assessing saddle fit and construction, clearly describes the use of chiropractic & acupuncture, thermography and much more. Some of most fascinating sections involved Joanna using an equine skeleton to show how adjustments are done, and using painted horses to show how conformation and movement have to be considered when fitting English and western saddles…

Good material. Thanks, Joanna!

The SECOND EDITION RHP II: revised and updated.
200 pages, full color, loaded with photographs, actual cases, and client quotations. Soft, laminated cover. Chapters dedicated to anatomy, recognizing non-traditional lameness, saddle-fitting and fitting your own saddle, choosing accessories, understanding acupuncture and chiropractic, hoof balance, stretches and training, additional resources, and more!

The Original DVD:
Beautifully edited by Kathryn Lauritzen (Bay Area Equestrian Network 2-Minute How-To's), 1.5 hours long.  Recognizing problem backs, saddle-fitting, treeless and Western saddles, what to expect in a professional saddle-fitting, choosing accessories, actual acupuncture and chiropractic cases, stretches, and more -even a blooper reel!

Also by Dr. Robson:
"Hi, My Name is Nevan! Lessons in Mindfulness from an Un-Horse." This little water-color illustrated book shares humor with lessons in mindfulness, and serves as a fundraiser for humanitarian veterinary-aid efforts in Burma. Money is being raised for street-dog spay-neuter programs and working-horse health and husbandry in this Theravedan Buddhist country previously closed to outside aid. Help me to help them!  See more on the order page...
Sept 15, 2016:
Dear friends,
It is time to update the information in the DVD. While I feel that it has helped an incredible number of people around the world, new research is available, semantics and language have changed, saddlefit information has updated, and it's time for a revamp after a number of years. Copies of the DVD are still available, and work on new production will not begin until 2017, but as a professional dedicated to providing the latest in equine health information, it's time to put a new look to the RHP DVD. Thank you for all of your support!!! Sincerely, Dr. Robson