Reviews and Feedback
From the MEDIA:
A sample of the great feedback from RHP happy and newly educated VIEWERS and READERS:
Hi Dr Joanna,
My book and DVD arrived yesterday.  I watched the DVD immediately and in answered a lot of questions that I had been thinking about.  You see I am trained in human orthopaedics and spend a lot of time in operating theatres and teaching and my knowledge crosses over nicely into horses.
I want to say THANK YOU for producing the DVD and book which I know will be an invaluable reference guide for me.
I was one of the first people to sit the S4L course in Australia and since completing my training have spoken to Peter about becoming more involved with education which is one of my passions.
Sadly in my case studies I have only seen 2 horses that have properly fitting saddles, my own and my instructor.  My instructor had faith in me when I summoned up the courage to say I thought her saddle was hurting her horse.  She had Peter make her a saddle and now she is a wonderful advertisement of happy horse and rider.
If it’s ok with you if I have any questions can I please email you?  I won’t inundate you but would like to stay in touch.
Thank you once again.  Your passion and knowledge is fabulous.
Best regards,
Julia Field
Sustainable Equine Ergonomics ~ SEE the difference

Dear Joanna,
Last November I was fortune enough to sit in on your amazing lecture (twice) at Equitana in Melbourne, it was the first time someone has ever explained saddle fitting properly.  I have now read your book and watch your DVD production and I want to congratulate you for producing this brilliant product, something that is much needed. Last year I tried to research saddle fitting with some very disappointing results as the information was very basic and lacking essential  points required which you have covered and easy to understand. I have had horses for roughly 30 years and it truly amazes me the lack of knowledge in this vital area. I have to confess that I have been guilty of poor saddle fitting in the past, not deliberately of course and  feel gutted for the pain I  must have put my darling equine friends through however not anymore, thank you so very much for putting it right. Hope we have the opportunity to meet some day. Keep up the good work and the very all the very best.
Kind Regards, Lynda Roberts
Birdwood, South Australia

I watched a borrowed copy of your DVD and ordered the book and DVD for my barn this morning. I was overwhelmed by emotions as I watched the DVD. Horses are amazing in their willingness to just move on and forget the pain we cause them.
-C. Davenport

just ordered the video&book set :) personally i can listen to the videos all day, figured it was a investment of a joy. thank you for what you do/say.
K. Brannick

Thank you Dr Robson. I enjoyed both of them very much. I have found it very helpful in my business, especially all of the information on saddle fitting. Thank you for the dedication to a more holistic approach to equine therapy. I presently do equine, human and canine massage along with cold laser, some accupressure, electro magnetic and hydro therapy. I would like to learn more about saddle fitting. This is something that I have found to be a big contributor to back pain and need to know more so that I can help more of my clients. Thank you Again. Debbie Speer

Thank you for writing such a wonderful and enlightening book and your dvd is incredible!
Thank you. Candis Molde

HI Joanna,
My name is Carlos Tabernaberri and so you know a bit more about what I do my website is . Recently during one of my clinics I was discussing how a lot of the behavioural problems I encounter are related to poor saddle fitting and tack.
One of the students, later showed me your book, and I thought it was a well documented and with thourough and inportant information. I have just ordered the book and DVD through paypal and will show it to my clients when saddles are an issue.
I send many horses that come for training back which have chronic physical problems. I have over 14 saddles that I use in training because I do not believe in "the one saddle fit all scenario."
While I have favourites saddles I would like to use, the reality is that it is about the horse first. Congratulations on your great work.
Kindest regards
Carlos Tabernaberri

Dear Joanna,
Thank you so much for checking up, the dvd arrived yesterday and its really great!
I've already learned a lot of new things Im embarrassed to say I never thought of before.
You explaine things in a very easy understandeble way and its so much great information about very important things.
Thank you again for the wonderful work you are doing :-)
wish you a wonderful merry christmas!
Best regards
Lisbeth :-)

Hi Joanna,
I have been super  busy this past few weeks so I waited to watch your DVD until I had time to focus, and I’m glad I did.  You’ve done an excellent job. I love your DVD/Book. The book is good, really a neat … I read it cover to cover the night I got the package. And the DVD? It’s wonderful. Sincerely! You put much more information in this DVD than I expected….
Thanks for having such a big heart and reaching out to share your knowledge and feelings.  I wish we had more clients between us!
I’m going to post my thoughts on your DVD everywhere I frequent, and ask others to forward it…, it’s a gift to all of us!
Linda Cowles
Santa Rosa, CA

"I've never seen anything like this before. I don't think there's anything on the market like this! This DVD is just jammed full of information!  I can't believe the training equipment - that's the same horse immediately before and after? Amazing." 
Maureen, Vacaville, CA.

Hi, Joanna -
I work primarily on senior horses, and I'm looking forward to adding to
my "bag of tricks" to help them out...
I wanted to let you know that I got the book and the DVD, have already
finished the book and recommended it to several people. You did a
fabulous job. Thank you for creating such an excellent resource.
Best regards,
Manuela C.

"Simply amazing. I can't believe all the work that you put into this."
Dan, Napa, CA

"...I just finished watching your DVD, and it was really great.  I never realized about the ribs not going all the way up to the top of the spine - pretty darned important!  (Don't worry, we got lots of other stuff, too!)... Your message is so important and I'd like to help get more folks seeing & knowing, because that equals happier horses & also humans!"
Mattie T., Martinez, CA

I have only watched the first 45 minutes of the DVD and started the book and there is so much information! My husband, who knows nothing about horses, said this was the best money I've spent.  You obviously know your stuff."
B. Cox, Oahu, Hawaii