Dear Friends and Animal Lovers,
  I need your help. The animals in Myanmar (Burma) need your help. Together, we can do amazing things.


As Myanmar experiences Westernization and opens its borders, mass influx of tourists and foreign corporations threaten the country's culture and stress the resources and infrastructure to the maximum. As urbanization sets in, Myanmar's steet dog populations are under increasing pressure to survive and cohabitate with people, and the working equids face increasing challenges carting tourists and finding their place among motorized vehicles.
  The local government is currently rounding up the dogs for once-weekly mass euthanasia campaigns, where they are killed by blow-dart poison.  In the northern part of the country, dogs are rounded up illegally and shipped across the border into China, where they can fetch as much as $15/dog for the meat market.  A handful of caring good samaritans and sparse local veterinarians are working to combat these issues through buying back the dogs from thieves and the government, but they are severely underpowered with little funding, no available clinics, no equipment, and no education on how to create a sustainable street dog population.  Working equids face wounds from improper harness, poor hoof husbandry, zero dental care, and other injuries.
  Help is desperately needed to end this suffering.  Though these problems are rampant in many second and third-world countries, Myanmar currently lacks appropriate veterinary care and support. There are no mass resources available for spay-neuter surgery, basic husbandry, and preventative care such as deworming and vaccination. I intend to change this, and with your help, I know it is possible.
  There are currently scant working non-profits that provide veterinary care or assistance internationally. World Horse Welfare, World Society for Protection of Animals, Humane Society International, and AAEP Equitarian Project have projects in developing countries, but there is currently no assistance for Myanmar. Through dedication and tireless effort, I have made solid connections both inside and outside the country including through the US Consulate, with Ex-Pats now living within the country, and select Burmese veterinarians and locals. Specific goals are now in sight:

These goals include:
Provide steet dog spay-neuter through volunteer teams and on-site medication and equipment
Creation of a sustainable Street Dog Population through catch and release with spay-neuter-Rabies vaccination
Support the working veterinarians and students of Myanmar
Development of (a) brick and mortar clinic(s)
Provide educational and structural support of current shelter efforts in and around Yangon
Deworming/Treatment for Mange/Wound care
Working Equid care - dental floating and hoof care
Improved harnesses and tack
Community education and public health awareness

How can you help? Funding is needed for: support of current in-country shelter and treatment efforts, equipment procurement, shipping and transportation, buy-back of dogs from killers, funding to support volunteer veterinarians and technicians, funding to build a brick and mortar clinic and additional infrastructure. And use your voice - share this story and grow awareness of this important cause.

If you can forego a couple lattes, an i-tunes album download, the few bucks you found in your dryer or under your couch cushions, please help to get this project moving in a forward direction.  With Right Effort and Right Action these goals will become reality. Any donation amount is significantly appreciated.

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rescued dogs roaming in a temporary shelter
poisoned dogs dead in a pilesedated dogs in a truck bed waiting transport to a safety zonerampant over-population spreads disease and threatens the dogsDog meat is sold in Chinese markets, often imported from Mandalay in BurmaA young volunteer veterinarian wants to save the dogs, but needs help and supplieswounds are common, and treatment supplies are desperately needed